Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Managing Back Pain

There is generally no respite from back pain, once you have an injury in this area; a one hundred percent effective back pain relief cure has yet to be found but that does not mean that some easing of the discomfort cannot be found.

Although some medication may be effective and bring pain relief, it doesn't really help with the underlying problem of the condition causing the distress. Many people with spinal problems become addicted to the medication that relieves the back pain but this should really be the responsibility of a doctor.

The problem with the back is although it is strong, at the same time it is easily damaged; large numbers of people have caused permanent damage to their backs just by sitting poorly for long periods. Most spinal problems are a result of lifting heavy weights but they can also be caused by lifting even light weights incorrectly, the pain is usually experienced in the lower back. More recently people are willing to try natural back pain relief treatments to stop their reliance on other types of medication.

An easy, inexpensive method to treat pain and bring relief is stretching; it actually relaxes the back muscles which can become knotted and tight, causing discomfort. Another type of treatment called reflexology uses a massage technique applied to the feet; it works very well in relieving back pain. Another benefit to reflexology is how it can improve the circulation which helps to ease tense muscles.

Acupuncture is used frequently by people suffering spinal agony by giving them back pain relief just as it has for thousands of years, although, only recently in the West. The Chinese believe all humans have an energy force that flows through us called qi which is affected by our health. Acupuncture works by releasing the 'chi' or energy flow that every living thing has to improve health. Like reflexology, acupuncture seems to be used by people who suffer with chronic conditions like back pain which requires relief.

Another ancient oriental discipline, Tai Chi is similar to many types of Yoga but the movements are much slower and deliberate. This method uses breathing control as the main source of relief with some stretching involved. It is so easy to learn by the young and old alike.

A good preventative form of back pain relief is to actually exercise more regularly; it would be a shame to forget the benefits that exercise can provide generally.