Saturday, 16 February 2008

Children affected by Artritis

Arthritis is a problem you usually associate with the elderly but almost 300,000 children in the US suffer from arthritis. It's usually diagnosed after a child has had joint pain for several weeks unrelated to any injury or activity.

This is a separate condition from rheumatoid arthritis. In many cases the inflammation stops in late childhood, but about a third of children affected have problems that last into their adult life.

Pediatric rheumatologist Larry Vogler said, "When the child is complaining of their joint hurting and it seems to be worse in the morning than in the afternoons or evenings and that should raise some concern."

There are three common types of juvenile idiopathic arthritis:

Pauciarticular arthritis

Systemic disease

Typically treatment includes anti-inflammatory medication as well as an exercise regimen to keep their joints loose.

The Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association is the leading charity in th UK for childrens arthritis. It's run by parents and professionals to provide help and information for children with arthritis, their families and professionals involved in their care.
They offer emotional and practical support to maximize choices and opportunities and raise awareness of childhood arthritis in the community.

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